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Updated: Jun 15

The #BlackLivesMatter fight is not over and we must continue to educate ourselves on the

racism that exists in our communities, learn to unlearn, be aware of our privilege and most

importantly, take action. Here are a few resources I've been using to educate myself on the topic and ways you can help:

Petitions to sign:

  1. Hands Up Act

  2. #WeAreDoneDying

  3. #DefundThePolice

  4. National Action Against Police Brutality

  5. Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

  6. Justice for Belly Mujinga

  7. Justice for Tony McDade

  8. Justice for Sean

  9. Justice for Regis Korchinski

  10. Justice for Darrius Stewart

  11. Justice for Julius Jones

  12. Justice for Joāo Pedro

  13. Justice for Breonna Taylor

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Becoming Anti-Racist

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